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HOULIARAS TOURS is a privately owned travel agency operating for more than 35 years in Greece. Although based in Greece, we are organizing lots of trips in Europe and Balkans for our Greek customers. We also cooperate with foreign travel agencies and help them organize and implement their own trips in Greece.

HOULIARAS TOURS has the advantage to be located in Epirus, which is a geographical region of Greece with rich history and natural beauty. We master this region and are ready to help you enjoy a trip to Greece and Epirus, either as a standalone customer or a travel agency.

Our services are of high quality and trustworthy, while our prices are reasonable and affordable. We have privately owned tourist buses that may transfer you pleasantly and securely all around Greece and abroad.

Our offices are located in Arta, a historic city in Epirus.

You may contact us by
Email: HouliarasTours@gmail.com
Tel: 00302681079561
Fax: 00302681022818
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HOULIARASTOURS